ALBIE SACHS & THE NEW SOUTH AFRICA | a film by Abby Ginzberg

"Soft Vengeance packs a lot into its one-hour running time. We get not only a personalized history of the anti-apartheid movement but also a provocative and compelling portrait of a passionate, complex hero."
- David Wiegand, SF Chronicle

"An emotive film that recognizes the power and endurance of the human spirit at its best."
- The Guardian (UK)

"A stunning documentary"
- Linda Holmes,

The more people who see the film, the more people can be inspired by Albie‚Äôs story and his commitment to reconciliation and peace. We hope you will consider a donation to the outreach effort for Soft Vengeance.   To make a tax deductible donation by check please make it out to Kovno Communications and send it to:
Abby Ginzberg
2600 10th Street, Suite #610  
Berkeley, CA 94710